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Student Paper Contest Entries from Japan Section (APOGCE 2016)

By Asana Wasaki posted 10-06-2016 08:35 PM


A student paper contest will be held as a part of APOGCE 2016 on Tuesday, October 25 in Perth, Australia.
There will be four presenters from Japan.
SPE JAPAN supports the students, and held a dry run along with a lab tour on Thursday, October 7 at INPEX research center.
Over 50 people joined the session with great success.



Ayumi Kubota, Kyoto University

"Experiments on Structure Alteration of Cellulose Nanofiber for Enhanced Oil Recovery"


Hyotani Yugo, Kyoto University

"Molecular Dynamics Study of the Interaction between Acid Components in Oil and Calcium Carbonate for Enhanced Oil Recovery"


Takuto Sakai, Waseda University

"Development of Three-Dimensional, Three-Phase, Quadruple-Porosity/Quadruple-Permeability White Oil Type Simulator for Predicting Shale Gas/Oil Flow Behaviors"


Shun KANAZAWA, Waseda University

"Analysis of Fracture Propagation for Frac-Packed Wells Using Two Dimensional displacement Discontinuity Method"


Lab Tour

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