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1st Distinguished Lecturer: Dr. Milind D. Deo (@ JX, Sep. 25, 2017)

By Asana Wasaki posted 09-30-2017 11:46 PM

SPE JAPAN welcomed Dr. Milind D. Deo, the 1st distinguished lecturer this term, at JX Tokyo headquarter on Monday, September 25, 2017.

Theme: "Optimizing Liquid Recoveries from Shales through Geologic, Geomechanical, Fluid and Operating Considerations"
Bio:Milind D. Deo (University of Utah)

Dr. Deo has been looking into production from shales for more than 5 years. He shared his insights during the seminar, some of which are...

(1) GOR behavior comparison between shale oil and conventional light oil.
(2) Identification of Important Parameters: Geologic factors and operational factors
(3) Operational trend: Choking wells
(4) Geomechanical consideration using DEM approach

Personally interested items are (1) and (4).
Citing URTEC-2460396, producing GOR of shale oil is more controlled by flowing bottomhole pressure.
Once it reaches the minimum below bubble point, GOR stabilizes.
This is called "Transient GOR Plateau", which is very different from conventional light oil.

Moving on to item (2), although DEM approach to understand the geomechanics of shales is not a common approach, there is a Japanese research team taking this approach.
Previously published paper by the research team is a lab-scale simulation work (ARMA 14-7365).
However, Dr. Deo's research team has upscaled the problem and presented a simulation work done in single-stage scale (URTEC-7170875).
Since DEM is generally a very time consuming approach, the work done by Dr. Deo's research team is very impressive.

SPE JAPAN is glad to have him as one of the distinguished lecturer this year. We appreciate his visit to Japan and looking forward to seeing him again.

Dr. Deo at the podium
Fig. Dr. Deo (center) and the audience

Related papers:
URTEC-2460396 "Producing Gas-Oil Ratio Behavior of Tight Oil Reservoirs"
URTEC-2170875 "A New Physics-Based Modeling of Multiple Non-Planar Hydraulic Fractures Propagation"
ARMA 14-7365 "Flow-coupled DEM simulation for hydraulic fracturing in pre-fractured rock"