Japan Section

Student Paper Contest Entries from Japan Section

By Motonao Imai posted 12-03-2013 11:41 PM

The student paper contest was held on Tuesday, 22 October at Jakarta, Indonesia.
From Japan Section, the following three students presented their research topics:

Kei Fuse, Waseda University:
  • Development of innovative black-oil simulator to reduce computational time for simulating miscible/immiscible gas flooding performances without sacrificing accuracy
Lingdan Xia, Waseda University:
  • Development of Multifunctional Geostatistical Program and Its Application to Improvement of Reservoir Model Using Soft Data
Nobuhito Yoshitani, Kyoto University:
  • Understanding the NMR Relaxation Behavior by Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
SPE Japan Section uploaded above materials at the library for reference. Click here to access the library.