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2nd Distinguished Lecturer: Dr. Medhat Kamal (@INPEX Dec. 03, 2018)

By Toshiki Otani posted 12-03-2018 07:33 PM

​SPE JAPAN welcomed Dr. Medhat Kamal, the 2nd distinguished lecturer this term, at INPEX Tokyo headquarters on Monday, December 03, 2018.

Theme: "Conventional & Unconventional Reservoirs; What Is In & Out in Today’s Pressure and Rate Transient Analysis"
Bio:Abs Bios_Medhat Kamal.pdf

Dr. Kamal gave us a very informative speech about Pressure and Rate Transient Analysis.

In unconventional reservoir, the very tight reservoir, it takes quite long time to get the fruitful reservoir information from Pressure Transient Analysis.

So, Rate Transient Analysis has been conducted for the management of Unconventional Resources.

Dr. Kamal showed us case studies of rate Transient Analysis in Wolfcamp Shale, Typhoon Field and Agbami Field, and also introduced an example of Machine Learning application on Production Performance Analysis.

The technology of “Industry 4.0”, such as AI, IoT, Data Science Technology, is thought to have significant role on the production optimization in Unconventional Reservoirs.

We, as Engineers, have to receive many benefits for creating more value in the new business as well as existing fields.

SPE JAPAN is glad to have him as one of the distinguished lecturer this year. We appreciate his visit to Japan.

We look forward to your visit to the next distinguished lecture.

Thank you.

Fig. Dr. Kamal (center) and the audience