[Tentative] 2021-2022 3rd Distinguished Lecture Program

When:  May 19, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (JP)
Associated with  Japan Section
What You Need to Know About Fracture Driven Interactions

Michael F. Rainbolt (Petroleum Training Institute Nigeria)

Fracture driven interactions are well to well communication events that operators of horizontal shale play wells frequently encounter. Properly monitored and diagnosed, their impact on offsettng wells can be minimized with innovation and sound engineering practices.
Fluid migration events between horizontal wells during fracture stimulation operations is a problem for many operators. Exacerbating factors such as decreased well spacing, greater proppant intensity and tighter cluster spacing are amplifying the problem. Formerly referred to as “frac hits”, these communication events are now called “fracture driven interactions” (FDIs). There are several aspects to FDIs such as timing, magnitude, slope intensity, duration and fracture orientation. All of these will be covered in the presentation. The industry is trying to cope with the detrimental effects that FDIs can cause such as loss of production in existing wells and sub-economic initial rates of the new wells. Operators have begun to utilize techniques such as extreme limited entry perforating and various water loading strategies, up to and including refracturing existing wells to mitigate FDIs. The root causes of fracture driven interactions will be presented along with a rigorous description of FDI characteristics. case studies from various shale plays will be shown and discussed. One of the studies is a mitigation trial exploring the effectiveness of preloading versus continuous injection. FDI data collection best practices and using FDI data in the moment to make changes on-the-fly will be shown. FDI myths such as creating barriers by leaving wells shut-in after fracture stimulating will exposed and debunked. Illustrations and examples gathered from actual completion operations will be shown and explained in detail. The audience will come away with a good understanding of what fracture driven interactions are and how to what can be done to respond to them.

Mike is a registered professional engineer and recently, senior technical advisor with Abra Controls Corporation in Houston, Tx. Mike earned a BS degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University in 1978. Mike has worked as a Production Engineer, a Drilling Engineer and for the past 24 years as a Completions Engineer. Mike has international drilling and completions experience. Rainbolt has co-authored multiple SPE papers with the last four of them dealing specifically with Fracture Driven Interactions. Mike’s latest writing, “Monitoring Primary and Existing Wells During Infill Well Fracturing”, was published in the April, 2019 special Issue of the Hydraulic Fracturing Journal. Mike was featured in an SPE Podcast on fracture driven interactions in Feburary of 2020 .